O+ gifts public artworks to the community, bringing beauty and positivity to our neighbors and everyone who passes through Kingston.

Thank you for wanting to have a O+ mural on your building. As you know O+ works on the exchange of equal value. We believe we are all part of the same community. Your building will become a focal point for our city and the artist who paints your building will be doing so in exchange for medical and dental services. Cool right?  However your wall will cost thousands of dollars to produce. Because of this we ask you what you would like to do to offset this expense. It could be fiscal, which we need the most. It may be something your business does that we can "exchange." Let's talk.

To give you an idea, here are some rules of thumb for the cost of a mural:


We have a wonderful mural paint sponsor who can help with paint costs, however we will need primer, prep and materials like brushes, rollers and drop cloths.

  • Paint alone runs between $5,000 and $10,000 per wall. (if not fully donated)
  • Spray paint we need to buy: $500 to $1,000 depending on each artist’s needs.
  • Materials for production: $500-$700

Lifts, Lights, Action!

Perhaps our biggest cost is lifts and lights. We want our artists to work in the best and safest conditions. Lifts cost between $1,500 and $3,500 to rent a week; lights rent for around $400 a week.

  • This expense is our biggest issue to determine how many murals we can produce in a year.


  • $500-$1000 to underwrite each mural production

Travel Lodging and Food

We need to get your artist here, house them and keep them well fed and hydrated. This can cost a lot, but also provides a great opportunity for you to engage and get to know your artist. If you have a restaurant and want to feed them that is wonderful. Got an extra room in your building and want to house them? Fantastic!

Remember, your building will not just be an attraction as the mural is being produced  during O+ Festival week; it will draw people to your building yearround. It will also be featured on our mural map. Your building will be photographed and Instagrammed often and may be part of a time lapse video or O+ minidocumentary.

How would you like to participate in the exchange? Financial support is our most pressing need. But if you can’t fully fund your mural production we encourage you to think outside the box. What are you willing to exchange for a mural?

Thank YO+U
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