If you are a practitioner and are interested exchanging the art of medicine for the medicine of art, please join the team of providers in the O+ Festival Clinic. In exchange for 4 hours of service in our Artists' Clinic, you'll have access to the entire festival- a weekend full of art, music, wellness classes in our ExplO+re series, a public health ExpO+, and more! This year, as a part of the exchange you'll receive a clinic shirt, a wellness bag full of locally curated gifts, a wristband for the weekend's festivities, access to the Greenroom, a meaningful connection with our creative community and our gratitude forever.

By offering your services in the O+ Clinic, you will be caring for artists and musicians who are chronically un- and under-insured in a friendly and casual setting free of the bureucracy of institutions. We welcome folks who value the healing power of art and music as well as the power of working in community. 

The O+ Clinic welcomes ALL health and wellness providers from all schools of thought, areas of medicine and all alternative and complimentary care practices. We believe that wellness includes mind, body, spirit and connectedness. Please indicate your availability by checking the boxes next to the days we have listed. Specific times for your shifts, orientation sessions and information will be communicated upon invitation to participate. 

If you have any questions about this process, please e-mail health@opositivefestival.org

Stay PO+sitive,

The KingstO+n Wellness Team

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.