Thank you for wanting to be a O+ venue. As you know O+ works on the exchange of equal value. We believe we are all part of the same community. Your building will become a focal point for our city during the festival weekend and beyond. The artists, musicians and performers who appear in your venue will do so in exchange for medical services. Cool right?  You know your space, however we do not. Please answer the following questions to help us better understand what you would like to offer.  

In exchange for being an O+ venue you will be listed on the O+ festival weekend map, schedule (of course) and we will give you tons of O+ shout outs and social media love. We will provide volunteers at your venue to check and sell O+ wristbands by donation. We will provide any necessary insurance riders. We all have costs so we ask you a simple question: What would you like to exchange with O+ for becoming a venue? Think outside the box. Maybe you are a restaurant and you can feed our artists or contribute to our clinic? Maybe you have a empty space but can provide a P.A. for the weekend to turn your space into a stage? You tell us what you would like to do.