O+ creates public artworks with the community to bring beauty and positivity to our neighbors and everyone who passes through North Adams. Note:  incoming submissions for mural walls will now be considered for 2020. 

Thank you for your interest in having an O+ mural on your building. O+ works on the exchange of equal value. We believe sharing resources through these partnerships strengthens our community. Your building will become a focal point for our city and the artist who paints your building will be doing so in exchange for medical and dental services. However, murals still cost thousands of dollars to produce. Because of this we ask you what you would like to do to offset this expense. It could be fiscal, which we need the most. It may be something your business does that we can "exchange." Let's talk.

On average each mural costs $5,000-$10,000 to produce. To give you an idea of how that breaks down, here are some expenses:


We have a wonderful paint sponsor that donates thousands of dollars worth of mural paint, but we still need to purchase primer, prep and materials like brushes, rollers and drop cloths, and spray paint (which can cost in the high hundreds per mural) for artists who use that medium.

Artists' Skill and Labor

Artists provide their services in exchange for access to our medical and dental clinic. Those chosen to install artwork or perform a music show during the festival will receive access to the complimentary health and wellness Artists' Clinic, staffed with providers from Berkshire County and Berkshire Health Systems. The long term impact of the festival is most directly manifested through the legacy of the work artists create. While they will only be painting for a week or two - the work will be enjoyed by all of us for years to come.

Lifts and Lights

We want our artists to work in the best and safest conditions. To do so, we need to provide them with lights, scaffolding, and lifts. 


O+ provides liability insurance for each mural, which protects your wall as well as the artist who is creating the work.

Travel Lodging and Food

We need to get the artist here, provide a place to sleep, and keep them well fed and hydrated.

Please note: O+ murals are curated, not commissioned works of art. If your wall is selected, the North Adams O+ Art Committee will work with both the artists and the building owners to ensure a complementary pairing of art and artist with property owner and wall. Property owners will be asked to sign an agreement which states they will endeavor to maintain the mural for a minimum of 3 years, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

If selected, your building/business and the mural will be featured on a printed (and digital) mural map and will also be included in educational materials. Your building will be photographed and Instagrammed often and may be part of a time lapse video or O+ mini-documentary. O+ murals have been featured in a number of regional and national media outlets.

If you have questions or would like participate or volunteer in the O+ exchange in other ways (in addition to providing a wall), let us know. Please email Ashley Strazzinski, Art Director, North Adams at: astrazzinski@opositivefestival.org.

Thank YO+U!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.