If you are a practitioner interested in this exchange of the art of medicine for the medicine of art, you're in the right place! In exchange for 4 and a half hours in our Artists' Clinic you'll have access to the entire festival- a day chock full of art, music, wellness classes in our ExplO+re series, a public health ExpO+, and more!
We'll feed you in our Green Room and don you with your own O+ tee shirt. Best of all, you'll be caring for artists and musicians who are chronically un- and under-insured in a friendly and casual setting where there's no threat of a bill. Please be a part of this culture of caring. We need you there.
Please indicate your availability by checking the boxes next to the shifts we have listed. Specific times, orientation sessions and fun gathering details to come soon.
If you have any questions about this process, please e-mail

With kindest regards,

The NO+rth Adams Wellness Team

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