2016 Clinic Provider Registration - Petaluma O+
Ends on January 31, 2017
Haverhill O+ - May 6th 2016
Ends on January 31, 2017

The O+ Festival is a celebration of art and music that creates a bridge to access health care for artists. O+ fosters complete physical, mental and social well-being by connecting artists directly with a coalition of healthcare providers and wellness resources, in a shared vision to nurture the individual and the community.

Participating artists create the agreed upon art piece/installation/performance in direct exchange for health & wellness services during the festival at the pop up clinic.  Artists may choose to contribute to the O+rganism by donating their artwork to the festival, to perpetuate art supplies/equipment for future festivals, and O+ will effort to cover the material costs, dependent upon sponsorship availability & our non-profit budget. If the artist chooses to keep their work, they must supply their own materials.

This year's theme is home. Home is where our body, mind, and spirit retreat to. To some, home is where our roots reside and to others it is a chosen existence. Is your home a physical place representing milestones, tribulations, and traditions? Is your home a state of mind you hold internally, a place you tune in to wherever you are? Show us what home means to you.

Haverhill O+ May 6th 2016 Clinic Provider Registration
ExplO+re is an opportunity for the public to try a new mind-body-spirit class, learn from a new teacher, and/or experience a new studio setting. Class offerings, include Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Fitness Classes and more.
2016 Volunteer Submission - Chicago O+
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the O+ Festival! Please fill out the form below and you should be hearing from a committee soon.

    The City of Kingston NY, in partnership with Live Well Kingston and O+ Festival, invites artists and industrial designers to design an artistic bike rack(s) for the City. The KINGSTO+N Bike Rack Design Competition seeks to add a new element of distinctive public art to Kingston streets and provide an opportunity for the community to think creatively and imaginatively about public streetscapes.

    This year's competition is focused on the newly designed Cornell Street as part of the Kingston Connectivity Project. The winning Bike Rack design will be implemented along Cornell Street.

    Cornell Street 1

    Cornell Street 2

    Each design will be reviewed for aesthetics, site appropriateness, and feasibility for fabrication and installation. Each rack should exhibit the artist’s own original creative intent. Bike rack designs must meet the following criteria: 

    • Must be capable of securing at least two standard bicycles - each of which is two feet wide by six feet long - upright by their frames using standard bike locks, including a U-lock. 
    • Fit in a maximum footprint of 60” long X 12” wide. 
    • Provide a minimum of two points of contact – at least 6” apart - for each bike, e.g. touch each bike on two wheels or one wheel and the frame for stability. The points of contact should be at least 32” above ground.  
    • Rack tubes should be no larger than 2” to accommodate the use of smaller U-locks.
    • Be boltable to the cement ground by a surface flange mount in a way that will prevent the racks from being removed from the location. 
    • Include no sharp edges or other potential safety hazards. Rack must not create a trip hazard for pedestrians.
    • A bicycle should not have to be lifted off the ground in order to be secured to the rack. Racks that would be easy to climb are not encouraged. It is important to consider the ‘friendliness’ of the rack to the bike (i.e. holding the bike upright, hazard free, etc.). 
    • Use of the bike rack should be intuitive and not require written instructions.
    • Racks should be able to be fabricated using durable materials suitable for outdoor installation with little or no maintenance. Designers should approach this project as a permanent installation with a minimum 10-year life expectancy. 
    • Designs should be appropriate for public display. Inappropriate or vulgar designs will not be considered 

    Share your work-in-progress and final design by tagging #KingstonBikeRack on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Good luck!

    A jury will select finalists, all of whom will be entitled to wellness visits in the pop-up clinic during the Oct. 6-8, 2017 O+ Festival in Kingston. The final round will be open to public voting and the winner will be announced at a party this winter. The winning artist or designer will receive a Wellness Clinic visit and $500 toward constructing the design.

    Designs must be received by January 15, 2017. 
    To complete your submission, please create a Submittable Account below or login if you already have one. 

    Submissions are subject to minor changes to accommodate Kingston City laws and safety. The City of Kingston, O+ and winning artist/designer will work together to make sure the final design meets all requirements. Every effort will be made to minimize any changes in order to stay true to the artist’s vision.

    This competition was made possible by a grant through the American Planning Association – New York Metro Chapter as part of the Plan4Health program (http://plan4health.us/). The grant supported Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County to coordinate the Live Well Kingston Coalition. Partners in the bike rack competition include: the City of Kingston, Bike Friendly Kingston, the Kingston Complete Streets Advisory Council, and the Kingston Land Trust Kingston Greenline Committee.